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Travel Deep with Gallery 610

You are Invited to attend our next local Summer Event Co-Hosted with Gallery 610!

Cars Cigars and Rum – a taste of Latin America!

Cash Bar and Complimentary snacks by GreenFire!

Immerse yourself in culture with Video, Photography, Live Painting, Music, Cuba Libres, Mojitos, and a Domino Smack Down!

Mix and Mingle – Get your chance to win an authentic Cuban cigar at the door.

Friday July 1, 2016 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm – This event has passed – Sign up to be notified of follow up events HERE

Location: Gallery 610 – 610 E. State Street, Rockford IL, 61104

The Event is FREE – Donations will be accepted at the door.

Experience the intricate workmanship of talented and creative people who have limited resources for supplies and no network for distribution other than tourism. What they do have is motivation and creativity – meticulously making something out of nothing…… using amazing expression of their imagination and some times basic garbage to create accessories, sculpture, clothes, jewelry, Art and other items.

Admire the beauty of poverty through the camera lens – the vibrant colors of Latin American destinations and of the people who live there. Compare the images captured in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua! See the similarities and the differences…..

Watch while local artists “Paint Live” their own interpretations of their favorite photographic images while you sip on a complimentary Cuba Libre or Mojito enjoying authentic Latin Music!

We welcome:

Kat Heitzman – Kathryn (Kat) Heitzman is a self taught artist and has been practicing art her entire life. Kat has many talents including: painting, photography, pyrography, sewing and crafts. Kat and her husband Mike, have been involved in the local music scene and have worked as rock journalists for both Music Street Journal and Wormwood Chronicles from 2002-2014. Kat has four children, five grandsons, and two granddaughters. She resides in the Rockford area with her husband and two adorable Westie dogs. “Every artist was once an amateur” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~ Learn more about Kat at her Facebook Fan Page – Smitten Kitten Art Studio

Alec Reicher – “Gallery 610 Resident Artist” – Alec Reicher is an artist from Rockford, Illinois who is well-rehearsed in many fine art forms. As his primary medium is painting, he has been greatly influenced by artists such as Van Gogh, Bob Ross, and Noah Bradley. Alec is currently pursuing a degree in the arts and has been drawing and painting since the age of two. Currently, he is exploring how the various objects of the cosmos can be used to depict the complex nature of human society and emotions. He employs a mixture of starkly painted landscapes, impressionistic figures, and cloud-like cosmic backgrounds to create works of art with an immense sense of depth. In the future, Alec aims to become a successful art director or curator while still making and selling paintings.

Evangelina Jimenez – “

Gallery 610 Resident Artist” – Evangelina Victoria Jimenez was Rockford born & raised. Growing up, in an artistic family she has had love for the arts since she was able to pick up a paintbrush. Evangelina first started embracing her gift at Ellis Arts Academy in the Creative And Performing Arts program of the Rockford Public Schools, and was pronounced “Artist of the Year” in 2013. In the fall of 2015, Evangelina debuted her first showcase, “Lost in Space” a Rockford Art Scene event where she exhibited work consisting of parts of the face and of course, figments of the space world. Evangelina has a handful of live painting events at Gallery 610 under her belt, and plans to have an uncountable number of shows within the next 2 years. Evangelina is inspired by Frida Kahlo’s work & Lucy Ford’s depiction of heartbreak and the every day struggles that come with it. Full of vibrant colors, most of her pieces contain a hidden message of wisdom. Evangelina believes beauty is in the eye of the beholder and loves to hear how her paintings make people feel and think. You can buy a T-Shirt from the gallery with her work at the product page here: Evangelina Jimenez

Shantarra Williams – “

Gallery 610 Resident Artist” – Shantarra Williams’ was inspired by her grandfather because he was an artist who was not able to pursue his art career. She wants to live his dream and to follow in his footsteps. Shantarra started to teach herself how to draw when she was about 5 years old – then studied art all through middle and high school. She also attended an intensive art program with the Rockford Area Arts Council. As a recent high school graduate she will soon be continuing her studies at the college level. Shantarra has experience in sculpture, graphic design, and photography. The human body has influenced her art – especially the female body…… She likes to do ink portraits using a technique called stipple. She also likes to paint. She believes that art is an expression of pictures, or forms, of a moment in time – that can reflect a lifetime of memories. Through the creation of her art she is telling a story to keep the viewers mind wondering what’s going on in the piece. She likes for people to get lost in the vision of her work. Shantarra has an online fund raising campaign is to help her purchase the supplies that she needs to build her portfolio of work! You can Donate here! No amount is too small!

Two of the Artist’s are refining their work and we will gather again to see the Final Version of their Work!

Look at, and purchase, paintings that Nathan Arroyave purchased in Nicaragua! The Big Colorful and Simplistic style is easy to spot – but please don’t buy the Event Photo painting… We are in LOVE with it!

Experience the real Cuba – by watching video footage shot in May of 2016 – by Lynn and Rob Belles! Talk about the state of Cuba, the people and their rugged economy.

Learn about how you can have a global Impact – by traveling to the Dominican Republic and helping locals improve their economy, education, and environment.

Try your hand at a Domino Smack Down – Get ready, learn how here! – or Learn how at one of the Domino tables at Gallery 610

Win an Authentic Cuban Cigar – if luck is on your side…. Purchased with you in mind by Rob Belles in Santiago de Cuba on May 20th, 2016. Fresh and Authentic- be sure to learn about how the Cuban Cigar Makers make extra money!

Gallery 610 is Rockford’s newest Contemporary Fine Art Gallery and exhibit hall located in downtown Rockford Illinois. Nathan Arroyave, Gallery partner travels the world in search of Art that he knows he can sell – but for a deeper reason…… Through Art these talented people can build a better life for themselves. But only if tourism brings them a customer…

Lynn and Rob Belles are local Travel Agents specializing in Impact Travel. Through their Travel Like an Architect™ brand they promote making Impact Travel part of your next vacation blueprint for life long learners who desire to see the world in a more meaningful way. When you Travel Deep you can fathom how others live, have deep compassion and empathy, while your curiosity takes you to new levels of deep exploration of our big beautiful world. Enjoy a presentation of fathom Impact Travel – a new kind of cruise that combines your love of travel with your desire to make a difference. Be inspired – feel called – learn more…..

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