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Travel Like an Architect™ – Baggage Restrictions

Travel Like an Architect™ – get the baggage restrictions refined to an art form!  Our Bags are Packed – We’re ready to go, but Rob and I live at what we affectionately call the “Belles Resort” and when we travel we don’t want to settle for anything less! We always look for amenities that we are accustomed to having and if necessary we bring certain things with us.  We don’t believe in traveling light – because convenience and comfort are vitally important to us. We would just not be happy wearing the same clothes over and over again…. or washing out our underwear to avoid bringing enough for the whole trip. We have it down to a science at this point – and that’s how we like it.

With the 50# baggage limit we find that medium size bags work the best because when they are completely filled they weigh about 50#. You want to use a bag that can be completely filled so that your stuff doesn’t flop around inside during the journey. When you arrive at your destination your clothes and other things will still be neatly folded exactly as you placed them.

Maybe we are paranoid – but we always pack ½ his and ½ hers in each bag of clothes. In the unfortunate instance that one of our bags is separated from the rest and doesn’t make the destination right away – neither of us will be without clothes! Wouldn’t that be awful??

Our Bags are Packed – We’re ready to go – for this trip we have five bags. Three to check and two to carry on. In the “Carry Ons” we have shoes (because they are heavy and we don’t want to weigh down our checked bags with shoes) jewelry (because I don’t trust TSA or the baggage guys) and usually some clothing that we will want at our hotel overnight after flying to the port city. I really don’t like to root around in the big, tightly packed, checked bags until we reach our cabin on the ship.

Generally we have two checked bags of clothes, each ½ his and ½ hers. The third bag is the interesting one….. It contains snorkel gear – our toiletry bag – and whatever else will fit!! Including but not limited to – my special teas – my fitness powder additives – a power strip for charging phones, cameras & laptops – Gifts and Gift wrap (we will celebrate Gr. Barb’s Birthday and Valentines day on the ship) – cups with lids – paper cups – a magic bullet blender – a beach bag – all packed among-st misc socks and underwear! I am sure I forgot something…  at any rate Our Bags are Packed – We’re ready to go

In addition to our luggage we both take “purses” because the airlines allow one carry on each and a purse.  Rob’s purse is a computer bag, and mine is a pretty good size computer back pack.  Each of us has important things that never leave our immediate possession like computers, phones, passports, prescription medicine, money, flash drive, camera, headphones and usually a few snacks and a pack of gum!  This time my back pack even has the plastic blender jar for the magic bullet  because I was afraid the rough baggage guys might break it throwing our “misc bag” around.  I am totally sure that Our Bags are Packed – We’re ready to go!

The port city for this trip is Los Angeles. We will park sleep and fly from Chicago, then spend one more night in a hotel at the Port before embarkation day. We schedule it this way so that we have a cushion in the event of a snow storm or other untimely delay. The over night in LA is also part of the greater quality of life plan. When we arrive there, we will check in to our hotel and then make a run to a liquor store to acquire some wine and spirits to keep in our cabin. We can weigh our bags down all we want once we are in LA because the ship has no weight limit for bags. We like to party but don’t like the price they charge to party on the ship! So – we keep our own little bar open 24/7. We have paper cups that we can take out and about and then conveniently throw away – and we have a magic bullet blender for those yummy tropical treats! We have cups with lids to take to the pool or even the casino and no one can tell what is in them! Many folks will admire our cups remarking that they wish they had some of their own …… maybe some will even go buy a cup in the ship’s store for $25 or some ridiculous price! At least then they can get a beverage from the buffet to enjoy in their rooms without paying extra for room service!

So that my friends is what you will find in our 5 bags for our two week trip!! We are young and strong, our bags have wheels and straps – and you don’t handle your own bags for very long anyway!  We will enjoy our trip as though we were in the comfort of our own home!  Coming Soon – our FREE Packing List Download!

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