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Suzee and Greg Gallello

This started out as a post about making friends when you travel!  But then it evolved into a post about all the people we meet and lately they end up all being Musicians and Entertainers – everywhere we go!  Would you say we are finding our niche?

When we travel we socialize, talk, listen, and make new friends. Our new friends may be hosts in a foreign port, other cruise passengers, or cruise ship staff.  We ENJOY them all.  Talk with the people you meet.  Be genuine and interested, and you will make lifelong friends on a Global scale.

Starting eight years ago, Suzee made friends with Robbie – a young table mate who was traveling with his parents. He now lives with them in China, and any spring now we anticipate hearing which College he will be attending. On that same trip, Suzee and Max were the only two teenagers on the Ship, hence they spent their days with Jessen the teen director. Jessen had been with Carnival for over 10 years. He is from the Philippines, but now lives in Brighton England. On that trip Suzee got to sit at the piano bar and sing songs with Greg Gallello of Canada. To this date, she is still the youngest person he has had at his piano bar.

Lynn and Rob have kept in touch with Robbie’s parents Debbie and Bob. She is a retired Air Force Pilot, and he a Retired UPS pilot. We get regular updates, and invites to visit them in China. Lynn and Max’s mother, Carmen, “chat” regularly using Facebook messenger, and once in a while they even talk on the phone.  Carmen’s English continues to improve – and is way better than Lynn’s Spanish. Twice a year Carmen encourages us to come visit them at their home in San Salvador. Max recently graduated from the University of Louisiana and lives in Baton Rouge.

Since starting our Travel Business we are making friends on an exponential basis!  And we’ve even honed in on some focus!  Entertainers and those who surround them!!  Check the updates below!

Update – February 2015!

This year, we reunited with Greg Gallello, at his piano bar, where we met some very new (soon to be old) friends, all with a common interest in HIS music. We are now “following,” emailing, and calling Maggie from the UK, Mary from Yellow Spring, Ohio (follow her blog at, and Claudette and Lisa from Toronto, Canada. Perhaps we will all meet in Grand Bend, OT one summer to hear Greg Gallello play in his home town.

With the help of the internet we have kept in touch with many friends. We have watched children grow into adults. We have seen homes being built. And we have followed each other in our travels, always looking forward to when our paths will cross again.  We are ever so grateful for the technology that is making our world so small. Through our global friendships we learn, we grow, we prosper!

Update – March 2015!

We traveled to the west coast for a seminar, and while we were at it we sailed away the day after on a Carnival Ship bound for Ensenada and back.  The Carnival Ship had the best band playing in the public corridor each night!  It was there that we met Krista Meadows (vocalist) and Daniel Dossey (drummer)!  There contract was almost up when we met them and since then Krista has completed another contract with Carnival and last we heard Daniel was drumming in Branson MO…  We are watching for something great from these two…

Update – Summer 2015!

Right here in our home town of Rockford Illinois – we attended a Concert in Sinnissippi Park where we saw and met the most amazing young gal who turns out to be the granddaughter of the director of a concert band that Rob played tympani in many years ago…  Wow! Can you see emotion in performers?, do you know it when you see it? I am deciding that it is what we all see when we see top quality performances of any type.  When we see emotion in performers we see all the way into their souls… But some people don’t yet understand – LIke my Mother.  She and I were at this same local concert in the park, here in Rockford where we live. The young artists name is Olivia Dvorak.  If you haven’t heard of her yet – you will soon.  She is an up and coming Country Music Artist – only 22 years old. I predict she is going all the way to the TOP! You see when Olivia performs she performs with her whole body and soul….  After the concert and after voicing my rave review – my Mother says to me “You just like her because she knows how to move!” at which point I knew that there was nothing further I could say.  She didn’t understand, and wasn’t going to. The music that Olivia makes just comes out of her – it comes out of her mouth, it comes out of her legs, and her arms, it comes out of her whole body till you can see her soul…. She can’t help it – see for yourself here: [iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Update – February 2016!

The 2016 Piano Bar Gang – on the last night of course!

We just returned from our 2016 Greg Gallello Fan Club Cruise on Holland America’s MS Nieuw Amsterdam.  After 8 years Suzee and Greg were re-connected…  They first met when she was 14 and he was 21…  Now she is a beautiful 22 – and a welcome surprise to Greg on the first night of our cruise at dinner!  Here is a Facebook Video – see if you can tell which pics are from 2008 and which are from 2016!

This year we met several more Greg Gallello Fans, new and old.  The new fans are folks that discover him for the first time, like Will Shotwell and a lady Greg called “Pino”. If you have ever seen Greg’s show he combines a bit of comedy with his beautiful music.  Usually someone on each cruise is tagged with a special name because they caught Greg’s attention for whatever reason, and he didn’t know their name…  I remember a passenger named “Sister Golden Hair” from our 2015 Voyage on the Eurodam.  One should never be offended by being named by Greg – it just means he noticed you!  Old friends are those returning to the ship just to see Greg – what the Fan Club Cruise is all about….  We all have fond memories – of our last cruise and of how Greg made it special!  It is fun when we connect with others who are also returning as fellow Greg Gallello Fans.  This year we made friends right away with Penelope and Danielle, two friends that had worked together in the past and had met on the ship..  We all had the best time!!

This year was a special treat because Greg had a “Friend on Board”.  Morgan was cruising with Greg – and had met him a year ago when she had been cruising with her sister that was a show dancer!  Morgan and Greg met in the Piano Bar, because Morgan and her mother stayed late to sing after hours…  This year Morgan sang after hours and then again during Greg’s late night show.  We saw a different side of Greg sitting next to Morgan, one that was mentoring an aspiring vocalist… letting her shine maybe for her first public performance.

Another special appearance was made by Miss Katie Miller a dancer / singer from the ships stage show!  Katie appeared on several nights to sing Greg’s favorite song Hallelujah….  Find it and more on our YouTube Channel! [iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes”]

We had a particularly great time this year – we dined with Greg almost every night.  But he also accompanied us to shore at the Dominican Republic where we visited Damajaqua Cascades (27 Waterfalls), thanks to Suzee’s online research!  This activity and port is so new that the cruise ship wasn’t selling a tour to it yet.  We hired a van for about $20 a head and off we went.  The admission was $28 plus $2 of you needed to rent water shoes.  Will had his “GoPro” with so we got continuous footage of the whole experience.  Video coming soon – OMG…. we had to climb up to slide down, we only did 7 of the 27 and it took most of the day!

For now See the Facebook Post:

The strip tease that we all missed Posted by Suzee Amelia Belles on Thursday, February 11, 2016

We also had some Beach Time at the Cruiseline Private Island Half Moon Cay!

Photo Bombed AGAIN!

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