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9 More Carnival Ships to offer $5.00 per Day Social Media Internet Packages making it affordable to stay connected at sea!

My favorite saying is “You get what you pay for all day long…..” That’s why we LOVE Carnival Cruises.  We have never been disappointed feeling like we didn’t get at least what we paid for on a Carnival Cruise! We also find that the people who take a Carnival Cruise are more fun-loving…  Carnival calls their fleet the “Fun Ships” and that must automatically attract more fun people!  The crowd tends to be a younger, less fancy, party type.  Don’t get me wrong, you can still dress up – but you might find yourself dancing in the halls instead of strolling on the promenade deck!  We have taken too many Carnival Cruises to count, some long, some short and some in between!  The shorter cruise was the most fun.  The longest Cruise was the best quality.  We think you should always give Carnival consideration when you are shopping.

It should come as no surprise that Carnival Cruise Lines will be boosting their appeal to the younger crowd by enhancing the Internet Packages they offer to include a $5 per day, or $25 per week cruise. To stay connected at sea, guests can buy the social package for unlimited access to networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat!  After all – isn’t that all most of us want is to share our vacation with our friends!  It just isn’t the same posting photos after you return home…..  In this connected world we live in we want to know what everyone is up to right now…..

We stay connected at sea….

When we travel we rely on the ship’s internet to stay in touch with our business activities.  To access the entire web and your emails at regular speeds, Carnival’s value package is available for $16 per day, or $60 for the whole week, or the premium package — for $25 or $99 for the week for unlimited high-speed internet at sea, really not bad.

The cruise ships that now have the $5 a day social media package are: Carnival Freedom, Carnival Breeze, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Sensation, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Fascination, Carnival Victory, Carnival Elation, Carnival Pride, Carnival Imagination and Carnival Inspiration.

Carnival Dream, Carnival Conquest, and Carnival Glory will be the next Fun Ships to receive social media internet packages.  The cruise line is hoping to add the internet package to most of their fleet of 24 cruise ships by October.

So whether you are Cruising as a business owner or just want to stay connected to your friends and family

Carnival offers an affordable fun cruise with great internet options!

Rob and Lynn Belles are seasoned travelers and Cruises Inc. Travel Agents

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for the purpose of inspiring you to go into the world with peace and kindness and learn all about the rest of humanity………..

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