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Want the BEST value? THINK “Group Travel”!

One of the best kept secrets in the Travel Industry is the ability of a travel agent to get a better VALUE for you, with GROUP travel! Group Travel deals are available at resorts, but Cruise Lines do it BEST!  It doesn’t have to be a large group, but you could actually buy out the ship if your group is big enough!  The cruise lines give extra perks to people who book in groups.  It’s not just a better price they cater to your special interest or unique needs. There are ways to obtain group benefits even if you don’t know a group of people who want to cruise with you!  Keep reading because you learn something new every day!

Cruising is perfect for Group Travel because it offers something unique for every personality.

group travel

Here are a few of the most common types of groups we could put together with you:

Social or Sport Club Group – Gather friends at your local ethnic or special interest club.  People with a common special interest love to travel together and the cruise line will cater to your unique interest.  Scrap-bookers could get a special room with refreshments to meet in for Scrap-booking during the trip.  Or, German Club beer and wine lovers could get a beer or wine party! What groups or clubs do you belong to?  Soccer?  Fitness? Cultural? Craft? Meditation?  Reiki?  You could organize a group of travelers!

group travel

Work Retreats & Meetings – Work on yourself or develop new expertise in a classroom setting.  The ship has everything your presenter needs!  Food can be brought in to your gathering location.   Meet and Learn on Sea Days – otherwise it’s a Vacation!  Does your group need the whole ship or just a small meeting room?

group travel

School Groups for Education – No matter where you go there is much to be learned.  I mean education is the perfect excuse, right?  Group Travel is great for home school, private school, or public school groups!  Learning is widespread and integral – no test required – just let them absorb what they experience – those valuable moments they will cherish forever!

group travel

Performing Arts Groups – For Performance of course!!  Arrange your own places to perform by following a cruise itinerary.  The cruise takes care of the rest – you know like food, transportation, a comfortable place to sleep…  Imagine your choir performing in Notre Dame.   All you have to do arrange the performance!

group travel

Or just gather your friends together and start a Vacation Club!  You can make each other accountable for taking valued time off. Have a monthly meeting with pot luck, to develop a savings plan. Contribute to it each month by not going out that one night. Hey you could even invest the kitty of savings to grow it faster!  Invite a financial planner friend to your group – they can help you in many ways!  At Belles Travel we offer interest free payment plans to travelers who plan ahead!

Don’t have a group, call anyway!

group travel

Our agency creates Group Space by reserving & purchasing blocks of space on EVERY Cruise out there.  It is part of the reason we always have great pricing! What this means is that you can get in on Group Travel Pricing without having a group.  We can book you into the group travel space with other travelers. Most likely you will never meet them.  Agents all over the United States share the group space.  We are allowed to put a single booking into the group travel space and you receive the group rate and other perks!  Isn’t that cool?

Perks?  You say?  – Specialty Dinner, Specialty Lunch, Cocktail Party, Bottle of Wine in your Stateroom, Shore Excursion Credit or just plain Onboard Credit to name a few! 

What do you have to loose? – call today – to learn more about planning a cruise for your Group!


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