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We can pick the Best Cruise Ship Entertainment!

Yeah folks – we can pick em!!  Rob and I love the nightclub scene!  Even when we are home in Rockford Illinois we can be found dancing to our favorite Rock and Roll in local bars, always to live music!  Our favorite local band “Sweet Lucy” is a 4-time RAMI Award Winner in the “Best Pop Band” category locally!

We pride ourselves in our taste in FUN music!  We appreciate quality entertainers and are never too old to enjoy a few cocktails and to sweat it up on the dance floor!  We follow the band to where ever they play from high to low places……  A while back we took our 21-year-old daughter out to see “Sweet Lucy” and to do a little dancing.  About 10 minutes into the night she said “Mama – this is the hillbilly-est place I’ve EVER BEEN!”  “Great to hear that” I said… and I was glad she was WITH us!  People are fun no matter where you go – just smile and enjoy – without judging them as good or bad – rich or poor – well dressed or grungy – and we hope that people do the same for us!  We’re not snobs and we LOVE Rock & Roll!

In March Rob and I attended a business seminar “Smart Success” in Orange County, California. The seminar was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When you travel like an architect you always make the most of your time at a destination so as long as we had flown to the west coast, we might as well book a cruise.

The cruise we picked was the only cruise leaving southern California on the Monday following our seminar. A four night Carnival (during Spring Break), on the Inspiration. As it turned out the Carnival Inspiration had the best Cruise Ship Entertainment! We had the best time in years partying and dancing with college students. The nightclubs on the ship were packed every night – a drastic comparison to the Holland America Cruise we had been on in February.

We later learned that the band we LOVED had been awarded #1 in the Cruise Line’s “live music” ranks!!  Yep – we knew they were GREAT!!

Check out the video – we are planning to follow them………  Definitely worth cruising with them again!!

Posted by The Designated Divers on Friday, March 27, 2015

“Impressive” is the right word for the Carnival’s “Fun Ship 2.0″ schedule. The new upgrades and renovations cover dining, entertainment, public venues (bars and lounges), and it all started with the Carnival Liberty ship in October 2011.  As of today Carnival Cruise Lines’ new 2.0 concept is making serious progress and proving to be a huge success!!! (We’d like to congratulate our leaders in the music dept., Roger Butterley and David Brady on their hard work and involvement with the creation/planning process of the company’s ambitious transition.) Two weeks ago, OUR 2.0 band “The Designated Divers” along with 2 amazing soloists and a piano bar performer reached #1 in Carnival Cruise Lines Entertainment’s “live music” ranks. The team managed to set some new entertainment ratings records while sailing here on the Carnival Inspiration as well! To celebrate this success, we’ve made you all a nice, little highlight video of our band to remember this AMAZING experience from some of our shows during our last month here on the ship. Thanks again to Carnival Cruise Lines and it’s amazing staff for making this a possibility. We can’t wait see some of you again starting on our next contract this August on the Carnival Miracle!!! Merry Springtime everybody and Happy Sails to you all!*Special thanks to Rajesh Mishra and Shawn Garland for the excellent camera work!

Carnival is some times considered an entry-level cruise line – We love them – The people there are HAPPY! – I am sure we will do many more Carnival Cruises!  A Great Value – they don’t call them Fun Ships for nothing!!

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