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We Totally Blew it!

With this, we request to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you our excuses combined with a generous offer! #waitforit

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We were dedicated to producing and sending out a blog post every month (at least). We had a plan all mapped out, and several drafts saved. And now here we are in August and you haven't heard from us since April!

We left you hanging after Segment 1 of our 15 Night Princess Panama Canal journey. We are sorry. Not only is that like breaking a promise to you, our readers, it is breaking a committment to ourselves. Now that we are done kicking ourselves, we decided to try to explain and deliver a "generous offer" before we resume the scheduled plan.

Yeah - LIFE can sometimes get in the way of whatever normal plans we have. Please know that we will never give up this Cruise Travel story telling. No matter how hard we try it seems inevidable that there will be gaps. It is part of who we are and how our brains work. WE dive fully into hyper-focus on whatever the task at hand is, often leaving behind all the others. Here at our Blog, we write our own stories (actually do the typing) to assure they are TRUE, and that is a significant amount of work.

Cruise Travel is our life purpose. We work hard and then we play hard. Cruising is our true joy that we want to share with you - because we really believe that it is the single most safe, convenient and affordable way to see the world, and everyone deserves a fabulous vacation from life as they know it!

Some other things that we do (listed below) we do for *money. I have pledged to share our money management strategy in future posts. Our money management plan assures that we always have enough money to follow our heart to new cruise travel destinations. Wouldn't that be nice? I will teach you how, if you hang in there and stay tuned.

Since April the things below have kept us BUSY (sidetracked?)

- *Renovated and sold a rental house. When the tenent says they are moving and real estate values are at an all time high - you work really FAST! Status as of today - SOLD & CLOSED by a future Cruise Client John Broda [convenience link] our Realtor.

- *Belles Firm of Architecture [affiliate link] produced and delivered multiple architectural project plans for Rockford Public Schools, District 205 - and now Rob is supervising construction by visiting each project weekly or more. Follow on Facebook to see progress photos, videos and the completed projects.

- *Booked fabulous Cruise Vacations for several of our best clients - once you start cruising you don't STOP. Shop here. [affiliate link]

- Refinished our master bedroom deck - because it was showing signs of wear and we want to keep it new looking.

- Planted at least two dozen perennials in our yard - many in a newly hardscaped area in front. That's at least 24 holes dug.

- Planted and watered 500 square feet of food garden - wow we have oodles of cucumbers and finally tomatos! Raspberries, Cabbage, Chard, Egg Plants, Peas, Beans, Peppers & Onions, coming soon. (I bet I forgot something)

- Water water water and more water - good thing there is no water shortage in the midwest - we have hoses and sprinkers in all sorts of configurations - and a schedule that changes when it rains.

- Listened to a couple audiobooks in 20 minute snippets each morning from our hot tub - the only time we sit still.

- Saw Cheap Trick and Rod Stewart in concert - we got away for ONE night, and spent some credit card points on a hotel room.

- Remodeled a bathroom for our Daughter's birthday.

- Roasted 25# of Green Chiles shipped from New Mexico to Illinois. We freeze them for use in different recipies, year around.

- Lynn cleaned house every week - since we have an Airbnb Guest, and also because Lynn thinks its a TRUE LUXURY to live in a clean house!

- Rob mowed the lawn weekly - our yard is beautiful! Our patio is clean and furnished with cushions that come and go with the sun and or rain.. #thankyourob

FINALLY we have earned and booked our next Cruise Vacation!

Our plan includes air from Chicago to Miami, a two night hotel stay in Miami Beach at our favorite Cadet Hotel, [convenience link] a 7 Night Caribbean Cruise on MSC Seashore, [affiliate link] and air returning to Chicago. We have never expeirneced an MSC Cruise before. Sailing with this brand will be our 15th Cruise Line to get equainted with. This opportunity was offered to us as agents to promote the privatly owned Italian brand that is growing exponentially in the US Market.

MSC Seashore sailing away - Fleet Ship MSC Seashore Aerial view
Photo Credit - MSC Cruises - MSC Seashore

The BEST Part:

As part of the Travel Agent offer we are allowed to bring up to 5 double occupancy staterooms of family and friends for 50% OFF the Cruise Fare. Don't stress - if you think you might like to join us on this cruise, you qualify as a FRIEND! If you are already our friend you qualify as FAMILY! Here is where we will be going.

The "Cruise Fare" is 50% off - PLUS taxes, fees, port charges and other extras you may desire.

Terms & Conditions:

- Must be fully vaccinated for COVID19 at the time of sailing.

- Must book before September 20, 2022

- Must book the same ship and sail date as us - MSC Seashore October 15-22, 2022

- Must choose the best available FANTASTICA rate code at time of booking. (Ocean Views not available until Balconies are sold out, Interiors not available until Ocean Views are sold out).

- Must pay in full at time of booking.

- Booking is non refundable - Travel Protection Package (additional fee) can protect you from loss for covered reasons.

Cruise Line Private Island - Ocean Cay
Photo Credit - Conrad Schutt & MSC Cruises - Cruise Line Private Island - Ocean Cay

If you are interested in joining us, just shoot us a message HERE or email for more information.


As you can see, at we wear many hats. If you happen upon a link within our blog here or at other linked sites, and you click it there is a possibility we could financially benefit from that. As of late I have been marking them right in the content as either [affiliate link] or [convenience link]. We benefit financially from a purchase made at an [affiliate link]. A [convenience link] is just for your convenience. It is our greatest hope that the things we share are of great value to you! As always our opinions are our own and we always aspire to be an authentic voice.

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