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What are RePositioning Cruises?

RePositioning Cruises are in my opinion, one of the Best Kept Secrets in the Industry!  Travel Agents are always asking you “Where do you want to go?”  My answer is “Anywhere I haven’t yet been”  Until recently you even had to book a round trip flight to your destination.  A Re-Positioning Cruise is one that arrives at a different port than it departed from.  The reason is simple but not many think about it.  Who wants to cruise in Europe in the dead of winter?  or better yet – Alaska?  Not many, it’s a tough sell so the cruise companies move their ships to a popular, warm destination for the winter months.

RePositioning Cruises can be a GREAT deal!!  We regularly see them for well under $50 per person per day!  You can hardly live at your home for that….  They are usually longer voyages with many sea days.  Usually they will offer ports of call on each end after crossing the sea for 5 days or more.  It really depends on the cruise line and the purpose of the voyage.

Here is an itinerary map for a RePositioning Cruise STARTING AT $32 Per Person / Per Day for an inside stateroom!  Give us a call if you are interested in this or other Transatlantic Voyages!  Cruise One – (607) GET-AWAY

Royal Caribbean International – Independence of the Seas – 13 Night Transatlantic

Departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida May 4, 2014

Ports of Call: Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Nassau, Bahamas | St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands | Philipsburg, St. Maarten | Southampton, England

This particular ship will do the Mediterranean for the Summer and then a bit of Northern Europe before it’s Transatlantic voyage in the other direction on November 1st.   Here are the maps for those itineraries.

There is another unique reason for RePositioning Cruises, that being – to get the ship to the region that a it is assigned to initially.  We were once on a maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean aboard a Carnival ship that was brand new.  It had been built in Italy (most ships are) and Christened in the Mediterranean Sea – taking a couple of promotional voyages there but the Ship was built to do the California – Alaska Run in the United States.  Think about that…..  If you can remember your geography you will understand where the ship will have to go to get to California from Europe.  You might as well ride along – right?

We got on the ship in the port city that is near Rome Italy.  The itinerary included Malaga Spain, Barcelona Spain, Palma de Mallorca, Funcal Portugal (an island out in the Atlantic) five days across the sea, the island of St. Martin and then Miami.  But that’s not California, it is just where we got off and others got on.  The Cruise Lines segment the trip up in two week or better voyages between large port cities.  The next leg of the trip was from Miami to Rio de Janeiro – island hopping it’s way there.  And then from Rio to Santiago Chile,  “Around the Horn”!  Have you ever wondered where that saying came from?  Cape Horn is at the tip of South America and has some of the roughest seas in the world.   This ship had no choice but to go around the horn because it was too big to fit through the Panama Canal.  I have heard that some “Around the Horn” voyages get near enough to Antarctica to see the Penguins!  This segment is way up high on our “Bucket List”  

Aren’t they cute?

The final segment of the maiden voyage bound for California is Santiago Chile to Los Angeles.  The port of Los Angeles was to be the ship’s home port doing Alaska in the Summer and Mexican Riviera in the Winter.

Since discovering the RePositioning cruises we have done several and just love them!!  I particularly loved the TransAtlantic because of the five sea days.  Since we flew to Rome and sailed back we lost time going over – but then the ship’s clock gave us the time back one extra hour each day coming across the sea..  Talk about rest and relaxation!  We got five 25 hour days in a row!  We could stay up late and still make it to the dining room for breakfast after plenty of sleep.  We have also done Santiago Chile to LosAngeles, LosAngeles to Miami through the Panama Canal, and we even did the Amazon River, flying to Manaus Brazil and sailing back to San Juan Puerto Rico another particularly good one!

There is also a tradition for a ship to make a round the world voyage in it’s first and last years of service..  So there is plenty of opportunity for these you just have to find the one for you….  Now that you know about them it’s a great time to start!

We just LOVE them and highly recommend them  – give us a call if we can help you find one that is perfect for you!  We took our teenage daughter along on three of them taking her out of school to go.  We can offer advice about doing that – it worked very well and she is a young adult now who is still using what she learned frequently!  How to clear a deck on a sea day? – – Sit next to your daughter while she reads Shakespeare out loud!

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