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What we think about the Travel Ban Modifications

Of course the Travel Ban effects our clients, but not in the way that you are thinking….  

We don’t have clients who are traveling to the U.S. from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen or Venezuela.  If we did they would be American Citizens who were traveling as tourists with their proper documentation, the American Passport. They may have been visiting these countries or just passing through. The idea that pops into your mind when you first hear of the travel ban modifications (preventing people from coming here from specific countries) is merely a cloud of fear, to surround the real issue, as is most of the ruckus raised by President Trump.

It will absolutely effect the people who are legally here, from these countries.  Will they no longer be able to come and go with their legal documentation status?? I personally don’t know because I have not studied the new immigration law.  I really try to keep my distance from Trump’s drama so that it doesn’t consume my life.

Travel Ban

Anyone, citizen or not, who travels internationally will experience the underlying effect of the Travel Ban modifications, either through the implementation of heightened security, or a push back to a person holding an American Passport.  They do unto us as we do unto them.

Just last week we were in Egypt (a 75% Muslim Country).  In order to get there we had a layover in Amman Jordan in both directions.  In Jordan we were inspected very carefully on multiple occasions. They picked through our carry on bags, twice, inspecting our souvenirs, our Chapstick, our laptops (etc), in many locations, all on the other side of the basic airport security.  In Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and other countries, you can’t even get into the airport without a passport and a ticket, and you must pass through a metal detector right at the entrance door!  Egypt is using cattle fencing and a security guard at the exterior of the airport to make sure that no one even gets near the entrance door without a ticket and a passport.  At each check point where we showed our American Passport – I believe we were more carefully screened in attempt to prove to us that they are doing a good job!  But what really blew me away is that in Amman Jordan we got off a flight from Cairo Egypt, went through two security checkpoints within the airport secure area, and before boarding our flight to Chicago O hare we had to be X-Ray’d at the gate to board the plane. Each person looked at our passport picture, and at our face, to make sure that the person traveling was indeed the person who had been screened.  In my opinion they are doing a much better job than we do.

If Trump could keep us all from traveling abroad, by making it inconvenient or uncomfortable, we would never know any of this.  He could keep us under his thumb in fear. What we really should be asking ourselves is What’s in it for Trump? – What is his true motive? – How will this feed his business endeavors?  Because I am sure that it’s really all about his fame, fortune and ability to control us.

Travel Ban

What I am trying to say is – Don’t be fooled by fear – look deeper – the TRUTH is within every circumstance.

Seems obvious to me that the modifications to the travel ban are just camouflage for Trump’s “Muslim Ban” which is on his followers’ agenda!  By adding countries who are not “Muslim Countries” he is hoping to gain acceptance for his law and convince us that he is not singling out “Muslims”, or discriminating against them, while fulfilling his follower’s desires. 

In doing so he wins the praise of his people – the only thing he truly cares about.

It was heart warming to hear from an Egyptian on multiple occasions:

“It is governments that don’t get along, not people.

We Love the American People!  We want you to come and enjoy Egypt!”

Egypt is NOT a country on the list and we thoroughly enjoyed it – stay tuned for more of our tales in coming days as our time allows!

Always remember, especially when traveling, that we are all human beings with red blood and warm hearts – despite our country of origin or government.  I’m not sure Trump understands that….

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