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When Traveling Look for UNESCO

When Traveling Look for UNESCO because you won’t be disappointed! CLICK here to learn WHY!

This is an embellished copy of a Traveling Blog Post that simply re-directs you to Belles Firm of Architecture’s Blog where my husband Rob posts his content.  You know – he is the Architect that we “travel like” haha!  Go ahead and click through.  It’s short and sweet about why we always look for UNESCO sites when we travel, and you should too!

why unesco

Our Windstar Cruise spoiled us with six UNESCO destinations in 14 days!

If that’s not a great reason to choose Windstar I don’t know what is.

For more content from our luxurious trip search the hastag #TLAAWindstar18

Architect Rob’s post features a photo tour of Bridgetown Barbados – at the midpoint of our 14 day Journey.

There are more posts over on the “Traveling Blog” for your enjoyment.  We post there during the trip because at the moment it is more mobile friendly.

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