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Which Cruise Lines are Requiring a COVID Vaccine?

Everyone wants to know which Cruise Lines will REQUIRE a Covid Vaccine to sail and which ones will NOT! We PROMISE to update the info regularly, as it becomes available! UPDATED ALREADY – scroll to the bottom.

covid vaccine

I for one am anxious to get back to LIFE as we knew it! That’s me in my happy place – seeing the World with new friends and old!

We realize that choosing to receive a Covid Vaccine or not is a very personal thing.

Some will need more info to make a choice. Others will just need to wait, to see if it seems okay. In this post you will have the opportunity to learn which cruise lines will “require” a Covid vaccine, and which ones will not. Read my personal view in a previous post.

It is interesting to note that being part of a “cruise population” could offer a very unique vacation opportunity. For your entire Cruise Vacation, you could only be in close contact with others who are also vaccinated, if the cruise line requires vaccines and is adults only. Controlling access to the ship has the potential to control the number of people at risk of contracting the disease. Any cruise line requiring a vaccine can reduce its risk to travelers and offer a safer environment than the puplic population on land.

WAIT WAIT – I know what you’re thinking “What about the people you see in port?” – Several Cruise Brands are putting together short itineraries, with ONLY sea days and a visit to their Private Island – where NOBODY LIVES! How perfect is that? If you just want to get away, without mixing with unvaccinated people YOU CAN!

Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay – Everyone you see came from that cruise ship beyond.


If you are looking for a situation where everyone on the ship has received a Covid vaccine, there are other things to consider. Here are three that come to mind.

  1. As of today, there is no approved Covid vaccine for children under the age of 16. Youth 16 and up are eligible for the Pfizer vaccine at this time. Youth age 18 and up are eligible for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccines. All three companies are conducting clinical trials for younger children. We will update this post as this info becomes available! But as it stands, if your cruise includes children it will not be 100% vaccinated guests.

  2. There are also people who may be medically unable to receive the vaccine. No brand has announced the possibility of an exemption from a vaccine required cruise at this time. Royal Caribbean is dangling “hope” by saying “if you are unable to receive a vaccine, contact us”.

  3. Crew comes from all over the world – so depending on distribution of vaccines, this could be challenging. I will give you the info that I have. Look for updates as new information is released.

A negative test is required for embarkation by most suppliers.

At this time, EVERY U.S. based brand, and many others have committed to requiring a negative test prior to embarkation for crew and guests. The CDC strongly recommends testing as a requirement to resume sailing. Test terms and conditions are wide ranging, by Cruise brand. Third party testing may occur within three days prior to embarkation. Alternatively, you will check into a hotel for testing the day before embarkation. Check with your selected brand for details.

So far it seems that families of brands are adopting similar protocols to one another. Which is a surprise to me. Maybe we will see this change. I am fully expecting Carnival Corporation to offer a brand with minimal requirements and another brand with maximum requirements. We’ll see what happens. They have issued a public announcement that they will not sail until the CDC lifts the no sail order.

3 Brands offer 100% Covid Vaccinated Crew & Guest Cruises!

We just booked one this morning! I am so excited!

Virgin Voyages, covid vaccine required

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a Virgin!

To date of the original part of this post, there are only THREE Cruise Brands that can offer 100% Vaccinated Guest and Crew Cruises because they are ADULT ONLY brands. Check the bottom of the post for UPDATES!

  1. Virgin Voyages a new Ocean Line announced their intention to a reporter, to require vaccines for all crew and guests but has not issued a formal statement in their own pen.

  2. Crystal a Luxury Cruise product states that they are responsible for the collective safety and wellbeing of all who sail aboard their vessels and therefore, at this time, they are unable to accommodate any guest who cannot be vaccinated.

  3. Viking River & Ocean Cruises have converted to Adults only. Both will also require daily testing from the privacy of your stateroom. This statement is in writing by Viking.

Learn more – See our COVID VACCINE REQUIREMENTS BY CRUISE LINE Spreadsheet – It’s FREE to subscribers!

I have compiled a visually friendly spreadsheet of this data. I will update it regularly as new info becomes available. We don’t really care what “your personal motivation” for wanting to know is. Who cares if you are looking for a Cruise Line that does not require a vaccine, or one that does. We are just providing the info in this post. The sheet itemizes, each brand, tells you if the brand is “adults only” or “kid friendly”. Many brands allow kids but are not “kid friendly”, so you won’t find many children on those lines. The spreadsheet shows which brands require a COVID19 Vaccine for Crew and Guests. If you subscribe below – we’ll SHARE a link to the sheet INSTANTLY!

CLICK HERE to subscribe! Follow the instructions, then close the tab and return to this post and you will see a button link that takes you to the spreadsheet!

The spreadsheet is an ever-changing work in progress. The only thing constant in our current circumstance is change. The Cruise industry will learn more, as the population is vaccinated. As more lines return to safe sailing, conditions will change. If you have additional information PLEASE let us know. If you find something that you believe is an error, please let us know. Be NICE. email with anything you believe needs correcting or updating.

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3/30/2021 – Windstar – Until further notice, we are now requiring proof of a current COVID-19 vaccination for all guests sailing aboard Windstar’s yachts as part of our Beyond Ordinary Care program.

4/5/2021 – Norwegian Cruise Lines Holding Ltd. – VACCINATED GUESTS ONLY EMBARKING THROUGH 10/31/21 – initial reduced capacity of 60% – increasing by 20% every 30 days – New Homeports outside of the United States announced on 4/6/21 – see spreadsheet for additional info.

4/6/21 – Albatross Expiditions – Interestingly NOT requiring vaccines of guests and hopes to have all of crew vaccinated by July, but is following the requirements set forth by the destination countries that they visit. If you don’t meet the requirements of the destination you won’t be allowed off the ship. #duh

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Lets get Cruising into 2021!

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