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Bike to the Beach – Grand Turk

Come along with us and Bike to the Beach!

Rob did some research previous to our trip and learned about this guy “Tony” that would be renting bicycles at the Island of Grand Turk.  He contacted him via email and reserved our bicycles for Tuesday the 10th – the day our cruise on Holland America’s Eurodam would stop there.

Upon arrival we asked at an info hut inside the secure cruise port area exactly where to find “Tony” the guy Rob spoke with in the email…   To our surprise, the lady knew him so was happy to tell us where to find him!! She told us to leave the secure area and we would find Tony right outside the gate!  We rented our bicycles and were on our way…  Tony gave us his cell phone number in case we needed him during our bike to the beach adventure!! Really nice trustworthy guy!

You will find Tony just outside the cruise port gate on Ship Days! Just select a cruise that stops at Grand Turk when you are shopping!

What happens at the beach stays at the beach – – – we will share these photos with you 🙂

Thanks to Rob’s research we were nearly the only ones there! How awesome is that?!

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