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Flying To Miami

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Flying to Miami

.. we booked a park sleep fly hotel so that we don’t have to drive an hour and a half in the morning or ride a bus with a bunch of other people. I mean boarding the flight is going to be bad enough right?

I love the Hyatt Regency O’Hare though - I have fond memories of attending “hair shows“ there, as a teenage model. John Portman, the architect‘s brutalist interior landed a spot on Illinois 200 great places - to see!

And they have a free shuttle bus to the airport that only takes 15 minutes!

Per usual the domestic airport is a zoo.. we are in Chicago so masks on everywhere! #safetravel requires it!

Outdoor curbside check-in is back - I love it!

We have TSA pre-check, so our line is not long and it’s fast moving.. But wtf did I put in that bag??

A corkscrew of course!

well, lost another one.. because it had a 1” long knife on it… geez. But the TSA girl was so sweet! She even posed for a photo! Where did they find her? They should look for more people there - just sayin.

Rob has a general phobia of “being late” so we are always early! It is 6:34 am, and our flight is not until 8:15 so Chili’s it is!

We shared the tacos . I had a coffee. Now standing at the gate waiting for our flight to board.

I sure wish the airlines would learn how to board flights in an efficient way! Covid hasn’t even given them the motivation to make noticeable changes …

I will update this post through Saturday night. So check back for our “law low” adventures in Miami Florida. Sunday we embark on our Virgin Voyages cruise to Costa Maya Mexico and Bimini island - I will begin a new post then.

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