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Got Greg Gallello in your Trunk?

Once you’ve met Greg Gallello – you will have him in your heart!!  If you buy his CD – you can put him in your Trunk TOO!

Read the Lyrics to understand!!  Then Book a Cruise to buy one from him in person….  Near as I can tell that’s the only way you can get one!  He is a Piano Man in a Piano theme lounge on cruise ships most winters.  He lives in Canada where it’s cold so usually around October he gets on a Ship!  We are keeping track of him and per Greg – will be the first to know who he signs with next!  Always a nice line.  We have cruised with him on Holland America and Carnival!

Join our list to receive Email notification of his next contract dates and sailings – including special fan group offers!!  

Wouldn’t it be FUN to show our love for Greg together!!

Lynn & Rob Belles are HUGE Greg Gallello Fans!  We know him personally and are keeping track of where he is performing and when!  We are planning a trip to Canada as soon as Greg gives us a “thumbs up” – join the list to receive the details in an email as soon as we get everything put together!

As soon as we find out what cruise line and ship Greg will be on next cruise season we will begin planning a group fan cruise – we will also release his contract dates for other bookings.  We offer AWESOME deals on cruise travel and EVERYONE who books a voyage on Greg’s ship with us will receive a custom fan club t-shirt for the upcoming contract season!  You can surprise him by wearing it to the Piano Bar!!  We are working with Greg on some other special perks as well….. sorry – can’t tell you yet!

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