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How to Afford a Private Snorkeling!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Snorkeling Tour on Grand Turk

Maybe some of you read our posts while thinking “I could never afford private snorkeling!” I am lucky to be able to just go on the cruise…..

Since we know exactly how you feel we decided to share our secret with you….. Every time we book one of these it takes us so much courage to spend that money!!  Like we are afraid we will run out, or they guy won’t show up, or that one costly mistake will leave us full of regret or send us to the Poor House.  I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, because all of these fears are not credible. First of all, by using our credit card we get great protection from fraud.  And we always get LUCKY – let me share with you how!

If you use your credit card and the tour company stands you up – you can just file a dispute for the charge and your credit card company will do all the work to remove the charge from your bill.  You will have to prove that you didn’t take the snorkeling tour and they in turn will have to prove that you did…. (if they want to get paid)  The credit card company has a whole department of people who work for cardholders disputing charges that are made for things you aren’t obligated to pay for, for what ever reason.  This simple fact completely eliminates the risk of being stood up, or billed for something you didn’t get.

You have to use reasonable caution….

Here’s what we do – First we conquer our fear of the unknown – by doing our research! – we find a reputable tour company with good reviews online and Voila! Lucky Private Charter! One of the main reasons we use the local private companies and book directly through them is because we’ve learned that not only is it cheaper, but we stand a better chance of getting a private experience… These tour companies that exist in the popular destinations that a cruise brings you to are the very same tour companies that the cruise line uses. The cruise line purchases the same tours from the same vendors and marks them up, in some cases more than DOUBLE! They also split up the activities, perhaps only offering one or the other – and you would have to choose… By booking direct we get wholesale pricing AND multiple activities! But here is where the private part comes in…. When you contact the tour company to request a tour they will give you the pricing options for private and open reservations…. Our choice was $600 to have the boat to ourselves that day – for a party of up to 10, or $75 per person and we could join a group that they would assemble…….  $75 x 4 = $300 (half price)! We decided to take our chances, as we have done many times before. The tour company was allowed to sell reservations on our tour to any other people they could assemble.  They didn’t – so we got a private charter experience for half the price. Either way it would have been OK – a bit more crowded & new friends, or private charter!  The risk was a win win situation!  LUCK was on our side AGAIN!

Please – if you find just what you’re looking for – shoot us an email to let us know…  We can collect a small fee from your booking but only if we know about it, and we have to rely on you to tell us 🙂  The price is the same to you and the affiliate income is kind of like thanking us for the Tip!  So thank you in advance for working with us and letting us know!

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Be sure to contact us by email or phone if you have any questions….  We are always excited to talk with other people who are passionate about cruising.

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