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It’s a process that’s for sure

Admittedly getting up at the crack of dawn shuttling to the airport, hustling through security, only to sit around for an hour or more is not at the top of my list, of enjoyable travel experiences. But it is a necessary evil –

So we found a Starbucks near our gate and settled in. It’s 5 AM and Chilies doesn’t open until 5:30. Rob is checking his email and working on Design drawings for Rockford Public Schools. This is the only way we could take a two-week vacation is by doing a little work along the way.

We have always stayed connected through “cruising” and the use of free Wi-Fi in ports, land now our Skyroam hotspot works great when no Wi-Fi can be found. Get an extra discount if you buy through our link using the promo code: TLAACONNECTED

My task is to fix my error from yesterday. In the great push to get out the door my blog post email announcing commencement of our trip had “Egypt” in the subject line. But this time we are off to the Caribbean! Oh well – too bad so sad.. I decided a while back that perfection is overrated. Sometimes you just need to get it done knowing that whatever you did was good enough. Please forgive me for the error! Our flight to Barbados is at 7:00 am s we have to move on to the gate shortly. I figured out how to fix the subject line from the app on my phone. I hope you enjoy our two-week adventure and I hope it inspires you to book your own! Cruising is safe convenient and affordable for anyone. Pricing is all about the date and the brand you select. Watch for social posts later on Instagram Facebook & Twitter – choose your favorite and follow us there! The next thing you see will be warm and sunny – we promise! See you there.

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