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Pay Postage ONLY for our 2017 Calendar

The 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar is a Gift from us, all you pay is the postage and handling!  NOW Available!

We were a little late this year and for that we sincerely apologize.  If you would like to order a 2017 calendar just click the image below to be sent directly to the product page.  If you want to know more about our drama and why we are late, read the post below!

2017 Calendar

2017 Architecture Travel Calendar

Usually our Calendar is available on the weekend after Thanksgiving but this year we were side swiped and then sent into a tail spin by the November election, and could not focus on our work as well as usual, maybe you can relate.  A few weeks went by when we were in a state of shock! Just as we were getting used to having President Elect Trump we got the news about the discontinuation of Fathom Travel.  Very disappointing, but not surprising. let me explain.

We had invested almost a year of our time on the new Fathom, Impact Travel product that we were really excited about.   We had big plans, only to find out that Carnival Corp. will discontinue the brand, and pull the rug out from under us.  We understand why, but really think they didn’t give it a fair shot.  They had announced that the product would continue through the end of 2017, but now they are giving up at the end of April.  Boy, you just can’t trust what they say, we are learning….

We wondered if it had anything to do with Donald Trump and his threat to close the door on the relationship that Obama opened and had begun to heal with Cuba. After all Cuba was the itinerary that was making money and funding the Dominican Republic Social Impact effort.  Fathom’s agreement with Cuba would expire in May.  Were they afraid it would not be renewed?  If it were not renewed, they certainly could not continue to sail the half empty ship to the DR ever other week.

There is so much to think about. But I managed to focus and push through this project and get it to the printer despite all the distraction and noise, albeit a bit late..  I hope you will forgive me!

I know we are ALL hoping for a better year in 2017

But we can’t just wait for it to arrive.  We have to act and claim it for ourselves.  Are you someone who has always wanted to travel?  What are you waiting for? Will 2017 be the year that you will be inspired to travel. Will YOU mark your calendar with the word “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N”?  Because you deserve it and besides that, travel reveals the truth.  You deserve to see for yourself. Through travel you have a real experience, one that you will never forget!  You don’t have to memorize it, because it will be carved in your memory day by day, step by step.  Travel turns what you thought you knew about people, places, and history into real tastes, sounds, smells, visions and memories of truth that change you.  It changes you from someone who longed to travel to someone who longs to travel more. Or from someone who knew all about a destination to someone who is internally connected to it.  Or from someone who loves their country to someone who loves and respects the whole world.

We hope you will order a paper calendar!  Hang it on your wall and be inspired by the fabulous architecture that you could visit!  Give us a call when you are ready to book…  815-516-0300

We would love to help you mark that 2017 calendar

with your V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N-!

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