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Solis Wifi Keeps us Connected!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

If anyone has ever talked with my hubby Rob about “Cruising” You KNOW how passionate he is about it!

Architects are professional planners, trained to think of EVERYTHING, and they love their electronic TOYS! We are USUALLY "about to take off again on one of Architect Rob’s fabulously planned cruise vacations" – and I wanted to take a minute to invite you to follow. It’s like coming along with us virtually, to see what all the hype is about, and Skyroam Wifi fits right in his man bag. #Sponsored

Topics of interest along the way:

Architecture – Scuba Diving – Fine Dining – Ship Design

Skyroam Wifi

Architect Rob’s Man-Bag of Toys

USING OUR ELECTRONIC TOYS – We will be creating PHOTO and VIDEO Instagram posts all along the way that will auto-share to our Facebook Page & Twitter. Hey – we might even do a Live Broadcast that you don't want to miss! We will also create blog posts at and right here at so subscribe to one or BOTH!

FUNNY TRAVEL STORY featuring Solis here.

You are officially invited to choose your favorite following platform while we are traveling – all brought to you by Skyroam Solis Wifi!

Instagram – @BellesArchitectTravel

Twitter – ArchitectTravel

The official hastag to search for our next trip across all social media will always be published ahead of time. Here are some that are out there:

Check any social channel for a current trip hashtag!

You can subscribe to this blog at the pop up, or in the Subscribe bar at the very bottom.

Join our Virtual Cruise, enabled by our Skyroam Wifi Hotspot! It works GREAT (off the ship) in all of the AMAZING Destinations we will visit.

Need one? Use our coupon button below for 10% OFF

or enter Promo Code

at checkout! Skyroam has changed their name to SOLIS!

If you are dreaming of a cruise vacation just like one of ours – We would LOVE to help you. Reach out. Because of Solis we are probably available. We choose to cruise because it is SAFE – CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE! We carry Solis Wifi Hotspot – to stay Connected to our business'!

DISCLAIMER: Maybe you noticed the #sponsored hashtag at the beginning. This means that we may be compensated for this publicity. If someone makes a Skyroam purchase through our link we receive a commission.

However – The opinions that you read here are authentic. We own what we say and share what we feel! NEVER do we promote products that we do not use ourselves and LOVE!

ALSO: If you purchase a Cruise, we may earn income for that too.

FURTHERMORE: If you click over to Architect Rob’s post at Belles Firm of Architecture and then hire the design firm, we will also receive fee income. 

IN OTHER WORDS: We are REAL PEOPLE with REAL JOBS!  Feel free to comment and/or contact us! It is why we do this! #skyroam #solis #travellikeanarchitect #connected #businessowners #lovetocruise

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