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Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Basseterre St Kitts

They had to mix in one mainstream port of call, during our two week cruise, just to remind us of how fortunate we have been to visit the unspoiled destinations that Windstar takes you to. Rob and I have been to Basseterre St Kitts many times before.

There were five ships in port at Basseterre St Kitts. #Sponsored #Windstar

Basseterre St Kitts

We thought we would find a taxi or a tour to take us to the fort and the rum factory. Disappointingly they wanted way more than we were willing to spend for that experience.

We quickly comitted to a wandering architectural tour, once again!

I love Caribbean Architecture, in all its weatherbeaten glory!  Lots of character for the occupants, loiterers and passers-by.

The colors are what really makes it different from what we are used to.

When was the last time you saw pink office condos, or a pink house?

Three palms in a row satisfy the design rule of odd numbers in repetition..  I see only one building collecting solar energy.

Noting the location of the street grill serving lobster – we plan to return for lunch.

Hungry for street Lobster?  Basseterre St Kitts is your place.

I have not seen this anywhere else throughout the Caribbean!

Keeping one eye open for a hardware store we headed up the hill toward St George’s Anglican Church. The last time we were here you were able to climb up the bell tower for a 360 view of the town. Rob wanted a 360 camera shot from there for our YouTube channel. Unfortunately there was now a woman guarding the entrance and charging admission.

Just my opinion but this place is really becoming greedy a couple bucks would’ve been fine but they wanted $5 per person for the bell tower $10 per person for the fort, and $40 per person for a ride! (February 2018) Really?  I mean I know – you have to sell what you got, but we had just visited a bell tower in Cuba for $1.

The door to the church had really cool hinges! Photos are still free! I don’t mind paying for stuff but we need to justify a fair value. We enjoy the wandering architectural tour as much is anything anyhow!

We got into a neighborhood that really showcases local life.

The chicken posed for me and then turned and ran away…

This micro housing overlooks the beach!

Basseterre St. Kitts

At the next corner we turned and headed toward the water. After descending the stairs I just had to turn around and snap a photo.

Talk about grand, decorated with a bit of grafitti!

Basseterre St. Kitts

I also paused to catch a shot of the ship from the waters edge – even a bad photo is pretty cool!

Windstar Wind Surf

Architect Rob is playing with his 360fly camera check out our YouTube channel for examples of his work.

When you sail with #Windstar for two weeks or more you get complimentary laundry service.

If you are following our trip, don’t worry Architect Rob isn’t wearing the same T-shirt every day without getting it laundered! Apparently it’s his new favorite!

We followed the water’s edge, up to the ferry port, then wandered through a food market that smelled like burning cannabis.  If you are wondering – yes, we could have made a purchase in that very spot.

Time to return for the lobster lunch.

Two beers, a container filled with salad, steamed vegetables and a healthy portion of rice and beans complemented the lobsters nicely.

We pulled up a drywall bucket and sat on the sidewalk to eat.

After lunch we wandered over to the Basseterre St Kitts town Square to find some shade.

The sanctuary of the luxury ship was awaiting us.  It was hot and we had seen Basseterre St Kitts before, so we headed back. We navigated the tourist area of shopping like two fish swimming upstream. The tender was waiting at a private pier behind the shopping area.

We never had to wait more than just a couple minutes throughout the entire trip!

Cruising with Windstar is a treat for many reasons. Windstar’s tagline “180° from the ordinary” describes the on board experience mysteriously.  Why spoil the element of surprise?

I never did find a hardware store at St. Kitts, with glue to repair my sandal, but no worries I dropped it off at the bridge and they had a Carpenter take care of it for me! A fine example of the attitude that you find on board! The staff is the finest we have experienced anywhere – and really lives up to their promise:

“anything you want – you got it, anything you need – you got it, anything at all – you got it – baby”

Disclaimer -As Travel bloggers, we receive generously discounted fares and are required by the brand to complete an online course to learn about their identity, target market, and special offerings. Only then are we invited to pay the discounted rate to experience it for ourselves. After doing so we have the most valuable asset of all – personal experience! Travel Like an Architect is our Travel Blog. The opinions that you read about here are our own. We are not paid or required to post, however we do receive certain perks that better enable our voluntary work. We don’t publish negativity but we do send it along to the PR department of the brand, if and when we experience something less than perfection.

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