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Exploring Miami Beach

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Double Trouble is in Miami Beach....

.. arrival in Miami was uneventful. We navigated the airport to baggage claim, where it seems our bags were the first ones off the plane! We went out the door and got into a cab just about as quickly..

The ONLY glitch was that the cab driver wasn't wearing a mask. He was sweating and grumping about how hot it was. I thought, don't you live here? Miami is HOT! I got in the back seat and ran my window down to enhance the ventilation in the cab. Rob got in the other side and had not yet noticed that the cab driver wasn't masking. I called his attention to it - at about the same time that the driver ran my window BACK UP!

(Um... that's not going to happen!)

We just flew in from Chicago, and would have to test negative for COVID in two days at the Virgin Voyages pier! I'll be damned if I'm going to ride in a cab with an un-masked stranger who give rides to people from all over the world (apparently without masking) with the windows up!

So - I spoke up!

That is usually all you have to do. I said,

"Sir, can I please have the window down?"

and explained that we had to test negative in two days and weren't taking any chances. omg - that guy grabbed his mask, put it on so fast! And he gladly left the windows down! All I had to do was ASK! You know most humans are just caught up in their own story. When you ask them to engage in your story instead they are more than willing! Soon we had safely arrived at our destination, windblown, hot and SAFE!

We've stayed at the beautiful boutique Cadet Hotel In Miami Beach before so we knew exactly what to expect. A nice tidy room within a property just off the beaten trail that includes a plunge pool, a lobby bar, and an outdoor breakfast lunch dinner venue with nicely manicured landscaping in the two very private outdoor areas.

it is an historic property in art deco style of architecture! We LOVE the details - check out the door hardware at the entrance,

C H - custom made!

and a close up of the Door Surround - because we're here for the Architecture, almost as much as anything.. We were pleasantly surprised that they were actually making up rooms daily. So many places are using COVID as an excuse to cut back on service!

We checked in, organized our stuff in the room a bit and then headed for the courtyard to relax and do a little work. Often times we are criticized for working while on vacation. But truly we are lucky we can because it enables us to take more vacations and be gone longer.. it is what you do when you travel like an architect.

Rob answers email and sends information that people request on behalf of either of us while I work on this here side gig!

we got hot working so cool‘d off in the pool, finished our work and decided to go explore a bit.

We walked to the beach with our radar on for a place to have dinner.

We’re trying to stay 100% outside!

Like I said, we have to get a negative result on a COVID test on the pier Sunday morning before embarkation with Virgin Voyages’ on the Scarlet Lady - where we will experience cruising the Virgin Way. So we struck out on finding a seafood restaurant Rob had known about, because it seemed we would have to go through a hotel lobby full of people to get to it. Their loss.

Being the Mexican food lovers that we are we chose Taco Taco just around the corner from our hotel and got a very exposed corner seat under a fan. When talking with the server any air he exhaled would have been blown the other way! Although we are vaccinated we are still worried about inhaling two droplets of Covid because it could prevent us from getting on the cruise ship!

Virgin voyages is sailing from Miami with 100% vaccinated and JUST tested guests and crew!

I think it is fabulous but not surprising that Virgin has figured out how to cruise safely during a pandemic! All it takes is a general respect for people and humanity.

We enjoyed our Mexican fare as much as we always do.. people watching was excellent - right on Collins Avenue which is Florida Highway, A1A. Scantilly clad girls of all ages, kept emerging from the hotel across the street - maybe by the dozen. Some, clearly had plans. Others were looking for some plans, lol..

After dinner we stopped at the liquor store for a bottle of Bailey’s and returned to our room kind of early …. I mean it had been a long day and we were tired.

Saturday morning

We enjoyed coffee in the outdoor dining area. Wow they improved it since our last stay!

Saturday afternoon was much like Friday afternoon, so I won't bore you with the details.

Beach - Courtyard - Work

Cool off - Repeat

But, dinner tonight will be up in Fort Lauderdale.. We are headed up there too see our friend that we met online during the shut down. Julie Haven and Arthur Grandquist - musical geniuses are playing at the Elbo room a famous Beach bar entertainment venue! We are planning to dine at Coconuts Seafood Restaurant just a block from there.

Thankfully it stopped raining…

We got a Lyft up to Fort Lauderdale and back. The drivers in both directions were fully compliant and masked (women)!

Good for Lyft!

The Elbo Room is an open air bar located in Fort Lauderdale right where E Las Olas Blvd, dead-ends at the beach. There were ceiling fans running on high to keep the air moving, so we took off our masks...!

Watch for notification of a new post for embarkation day - we are excited about sharing with you “the virgin way” onboard The Scarlet Lady, Virgin Voyages 1st ship!

Read the post of our flying day HERE if you missed it.

Disclaimer: at we wear many hats. If you happen upon a link within our blog and you click it there is a possibility we could financially benefit from that. It is our greatest hope that the things we share are of great value to you! As always our opinions are our own and we always aspire to be an authentic voice.

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