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Reflexology at Sea – Windstar – WindSpa

It was to be the only “Sea Day” of our entire two week journey on Windstar’s Wind Surf, and the day after sailing away from Barbados for the second time. I knew I would have to hurry if I wanted to book the spa for Reflexology at Sea. #sponsored

After reading the WindSpa menu, I really wanted to try, what I will call a foot massage with a purpose.

“Reflexology at Sea”

It was exactly halfway through our two-week vacation, so perfect timing! We had already done a lot of walking, hiking, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and dancing.

My feet must have earned a special treat.  Reflexology at Sea sounded PERFECT!

Soon after re-embarkation I hustled down to deck two aft to see what was available. The lovely young lady at the reception desk asked me if I could make 9:00 am.  Okay – that makes it easy, right?  9:00 am it is – see you then. And oops – I need a nail repair appointment too. Yes – 1:30 is fine for that, as long as I work it all in, on the Sea Day, I am happy.

Later that evening I received confirmation cards on my stateroom door for both – which I appreciated.

We were up watching the sunset from the hot tub!

Reflexology at Sea

My Sea Day began with a light breakfast then off to the “WindSpa”.

Mooky from the Philippines greeted me and then swept me into the treatment room immediately – no waiting.

Reflexology at Sea

Mooky and I sat for a moment while she prepared by asking me about any health problems that I might have, and why I wanted a Reflexology treatment. I don’t suffer from anything particular. It is fascinating to me that points in your feet are connected to vital organs. Disease prevention is important to me and a Reflexology treatment seemed like a generally good idea.  Mooky asked me to lay face up of the table and she placed a warm compress over my eyes.

Mooky began the treatment just below my knees. Because “everything is connected”, she said.  She released the muscles of my calfs, then went to work on my right foot first.

There is nothing quite like this especially detailed foot massage! Mooky massaged every surface of each of my feet. She worked on the tips of my toes, and between my toes. She worked on each toe and foot joint.  If I mentioned a tight spot she would readily explain the part of the body governed by it.

Reflexology at sea identified a spot in my right foot that was related to upper back and neck tension, and a spot in my left foot that relates to sitting a lot.

(Both attributable to working at a desk)

Mooky didn’t try to sell me any products. I was somewhat expecting it because there was a nice display of Elemis – which I am not familiar with.  She did suggest that I return later in the week for her “full body massage” which I am sure would be WONDERFUL!

Mooky rejuvenated my feet and ankles and got them ready for my next two scuba dives scheduled in Montserrat the following day!

Thank YOU Mooky – you are very skilled at your craft!  I am impressed with Reflexology at Sea!

While I was enjoying Reflexology at Sea, Rob had gone to hang out at the Bridge.

I knew he would still be there.

I found him chatting up the Second Officer in command.

The most unique characteristic of Windstar Cruises is their “open bridge” policy. I knew Rob would LOVE having access to this area that is normally top security on a ship. What a perfect thing to do while I was at the windspa.

Architect Rob really enjoyed studying the ship floor plan, that shows everything, not just staterooms.

It really eliminates a lot of wondering for those of us who understand space in a three-dimensional way.

Time constraints are not for me.  Watching the clock makes me un-comfortable.  My nail repair appointment was at 1:30. To kill time we decided to have lunch.

Windstar offers beautiful food, buffet style at breakfast and lunch – “served” at dinner.

I always go for the colors, really appreciating the prep work done by someone else.

Fresh fruit is available on the ship.  The best part is that, it is cut up and ready as a healthy snack, most of the time. Windstar also offers fresh whole fruit in your stateroom.

After my nail appointment I would be free once again. Working for yourself really spoils you because you choose your own schedule, as though you were on vacation every day.

There is really only ONE ocean covering 75% of the Earth.

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